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Hello, my name is
Chef TurtIe and
I teach cannabis
infusion workshops along
with having my own
infusion cooking channel
on YouTube!

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For the past 15 years I have been working in the culinary industry learning everything I could about the different methods of cooking. I started at drive-ins and sandwich shops until I could get into a real cooking kitchen to learn. While working my way though different kitchens I also took classes at Phoenix College in the culinary program. Through that I acquired my Serve Safe Certification that I have kept updated along with many skills and talents for cooking.

 Now that marijuana is legal I have been able to take my love for culinary arts and my love for cannabis and put them together. I officially started in the cannabis industry Jan 2nd 2020 when I was hired at The Mint Café to work the hotline. After a short time a coworker and myself decided to not only re-write the menu/specials but also the recipes as well. It was only a short time into the year that I decided I wanted to transition into teaching patients how to infuse cannabis into food.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I was determined to find a way in. So I took the name that everyone at the café called me and with the help of a friend started making a cooking show about easy infused recipes. I also created my business Chef Turtle's Infusion Consulting LLC in April of 2020 and I do all my workshops out of my home right now. So far we have dropped 30 episodes on YouTube. If you would like to schedule a workshop with me please message me on my Instagram chefturtle420.


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